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Salt and Pepper

Year: NA

This is a salt and pepper set made by Vandor and released by Warner Bros..



Super Soaker

Year: 1995

This is a supersoaker squirt gun made my Larami. It was released as a Batman Forever toy and is about 50cm long.


Shoe Accessory

Year: 2006/07

Shoe accessory made by Jibbitz. These are made to put onto Croc type shoes.


Cookie Jar

Year: 1997

This is a ceramic cookie jar. It was made by Warner Bros. studio stores and released in conjunction with the Batman and Robin movie. This was send to me free by TM from Hong Kong. THANKS!.


Talking Alarm Clock

Year: 1974/75

This is a talking alarm clock made by Janex Corp (clock is made by Equity). The back is stamped 1974 but 1975 on Batman's shoulder. Mine does not work so I don't know what it says.



Year: 1990

This pink Batmobile crayon was made by Super Tuff.



Year: NA

This is a helium balloon made by Party Express Hallmark.


Bobble Head

Year: 2010

A Batman bobble head in the Batmobile made by Funko.


Bobble Head

Year: 2010

The limited ComicCOn version. Only 240 made.


Cereal Promo

Year: 1970's

This is a small zip pull cord Batmobile that was available in Captain Crunch cereal.


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