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Candy Holder?

Year: Unknown

This appears to be a hard candy holder. No date or company so I think it might be foreign release.


Push and Go and sounds

Year: 1989

Here are two push and go type cars and one that makes sounds when you push the buttons. No company on them.



Year: Unknown

This is a candy container released by Warner Bros.




Year: 1991

This is a Batman travel kleenex package.

Racing game

Year: 1988

This is a racing game made in 1988 by Henry Gordy.



Christmas Decorations

Year: 200?

5 Christmas decorations. No company listed and some seem to me molded from the Corgi molds.



Year: ?

The first one is from the Batman roller coaster and the second possibly from Tonka's Smash set.


Danbury Mint

Year: 200?

The first batmobile released by Danbury Mint.


G I Joe

Year: 1990's

A GI Joe convention exclusive made by James DeSimone, not assembled.

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