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Unique Batmobiles

Childrens' Pedal Car

Year: 1989 Mini Motors

The largest batmobile in my collection.




Year: 2008

This small non moving Tumbler came in The Dark Knight sticker/card set made by Playgroundmaniacs.


Light Switch Plate

Year: NA

This is a light switch plate by Gadgets and Gizmos showing The Batman animated Batmobile.


Flicker ring

Year: 1966

This is a 1966 flicker ring, thick silver base. It shows Batman and Robin jumping into the Batmobile and driving in it.



Year: N/A

This is a hollow Batmobile piñata made by Unique in the mid-2000's.


Antenna Topper

Year: 2005

This antenna topper was made by Blum Inc.


Lip Balm

Year: 2006/07

This is a keyring that is connected to lip balm made by Esscentual Brands Canada.


Scene Setter

Year: unknown

This is a scene setter from Amscan and depicts The Batman's batmobile.



Year: 2007

This is a cast ant paint model from Skullduggery. I will post pics if i manage to build it and it looks OK.


Batman movie Mug

Year: 1989

This mug was released after the Batman movie by Applause.


Licence plate

Year: 1966

National Periodical dated 1966.


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