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Mattel Batmobiles

Micro Batmobile

Year: 2004

This is a micro Batmobile that came in the Batcave playset.



Mini Batmobiles

Year: 2004

These two micro batmobiles came with the Gotham City Freeze and Joker's Haunted Highway sets.


ShadowTek Batmobile

Year: 2007

ShadowTek Batmobile from The Batman.


Electronic Tumbler

Year: 200?

This is the electronic 'noise' Tumbler from Batman Begins.


Two Seater

Year: 2004

The two seater with the 'side motorcycle. This is the recalled version witht he hard plastic tip wings.


Electronic The Batman

Year: 200?

The Batman electronic coupe style.



Year: 2005

The Tumbler transforms into a Gotham City playset.


Batman EXP

Year: 2007

The Batman EXP car with sounds.


Slot Car

Year: 2001

Slot car stamped HW01 and was released by Radio Shack.


Shadow Tek

Year: 2005

This is as transforming (car to battle suit) Shadow Tek car.


Dark Knight

Year: 2008

This is a shift attack sports coupe that transforms from car to batmobile.

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