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Hot Wheels


Year: 2008

This Batmobile came with the Gotham City Crashway set.



Action Duos

Year: 2008

Two Action Duos sets that were released with The Dark Knight.


Dream Halloween

Year: 1998-2000?

Released by Dream Halloween for an AIDS fundraiser.


Movie Sets

Year: 1996

Two collector Movie sets depicting cars from Batman, Batman Forever, and Batman and Robin.



Year: 2006

Two car sets: Joker, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Tremblar and Batmobile variants.



Year: 2004

Here you have the Crooze, movie and hardnose versions.


Speed Demon

Year: 2003

Speed Demon with red windows.


Krazy Kustom

Year: 2007

This is a HotWheels 1966 Batmobile that has been 'customized' by Krazy Kustoms for the 15th anniversary on May 27/07 in Osaka Japan. Basically its a Zamac but appears to be sandblasted. Limited to 60 pieces.


TV Car


The 1966 TV Show car. Two versions:smooth and mesh grille and the middle one is signed by George Barris and has his custom pin on it.


Two Seater

Year: 2004

5 different versions of this car.



Year: 2005

Two tumblers from Batman Begins and a con exclusive Silver one.


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