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Hot Wheels Batmobiles

Movie Car

Year: 2003

This is the movie car and is 1/15,000. I have not opened it so I do not know if the car is individually numbered.



Batman Begins sets

Year: 2006

Here are two Batman Begins sets. The first set has: Batcycle, Tumber, Viper, Helicopter, Batboat. The second set is the same except it has a Gotham PD car instead of the cycle AND the batboat roter has molded blue blades and not the shiny ones in the first set.


Oil can set 1

Year: 2004

This Oil can set of 3 cars is numbered 1/20,000 and has the silver accents on all black cars.


Oil can set 2

Year: 2004

This Oil can set is indvidually numbered: 3628/3892/3247 of 4000 and the cars have gold accents on bluish purple cars.


Batman Begins

Year: 2005

Here are two Tumblers in an oil can package.


Turbo Power

Year: 2003

This is a 2x Turbo power batmobile. The car is matte black and is the two person version.


Mystery car

Year: 2006

This is one of the 2006 mystery car series (it was a blind package so you did not know what car you were getting). It is the animated style and has blue stripes.


Speed Demons

Year: 2003

Here are two HW speed demons. One has yellow windows and the other red windows.



Year: 2004

Here are two Hardnoze cars, silver and black and black and red.



Year: 2004

Three versions of the Batman movie car: shiny black, blue stripes, matte black.


Twin seater

Year: 2004

Here are 6 versions of the two seater. All have variations in paint or window color.

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