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Hot Wheels Batmobiles

Hot Wheels Batmobile

Year: 2006

This Batmobile came with the Hot Wheels Batman Blaster set.



Hot Wheels Batmobile

Year: 2007

This Batmobile came with The Riddler Trap set. Notice the lightish green stripes that are different than the other Batmobiles of this type.


2-Car Sets

Year: 2004

Hot Wheels released several two-car sets in 2004. Each was a Batmobile and a villian car. Here are the Scarecrow and Mr. Freeze sets. All the other sets I have opened and will be listed just as Batmobiles.


Movie Car

Year: 2004

This is the regular version of the movie car released in 2004.


Con Exclusive

Year: 2007

This TV style car was a convention exclusive in 2007.


Bruce Wayne Collection

Year: 2004

This is a set of three cars that are limited and labeled Bruce Wayne Collection. I have added these to my collection but they are NOT counted in my total of Batmobiles.



Year: 2005

This is a Batman Begins Tumbler released in 2005.


Battle Damaged

Year: 2004

This is the movie car that has battle damage to it.



Year: 2007

This is a 'flocked' batmobile and was a 2007 Con Exclusive. Flocked means fur covered.



Year: 2004

This is the Batman movie car.


Batman Begins

Year: 2004

This is the Batman Begins Tumbler camo. version.


5 car set

Year: 2002

This hotwheels set has cars for: Bane, The Joker, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze and a blue flamed batmobile.

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