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DC Direct Batmobiles

Batman Begins Statue

Year: 2005

This DC Direct statue. It is cold-cast porcelain and hand painted. The car revolves on its base when the Batsymbol is pressed and is numbered 752/2600.



Super Friends

Year: 2004

This was released with the Robin/Riddler Super Friends set and is based on that cartoon. This is a molded plastic car from DC Direct and has no moving parts.

Batman Begins Camouflague Statue

Year: 2005

This DC Direct statue revolves and is numbered 466/1000. This is the Camouflage version. It is basically the same as the regular Tumbler just with a new paint job. It is still cold-cast hand painted porcelain

The Batman Batmobile

Year: 2005

This DC Direct maquette is from the cartoon The Batman and is numbered 615 of 700. It is cold-cast porcelain and hand painted. A maquette is a staute that is made and the artist/animator uses this as the basis for the drawings.


Year: various

Here are three statues that DC Direct put out. They are the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's Batmobiles. Each light up with batteries in the base and came with a blueprint of the car (see Artwork for a picture of the 1940's blueprint).


Year: 2009

This is the 1966 TV show statue. It is numbered 962/1300. It lights up (headlights, under dash, flame exhaust, strobing red light).

Who's Who

Year: 2006

This batmobile came in pieces in the Who's Who Mystery box set.