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Corgi Batmobiles

Corgi set

Year: 2004

This is a Corgi Batman Collectible Editions set. It has 2 repaints (1940's and 1960's versions in blue) and the Batmarine and 2000 version. Both the blue repaints are counted in my total.



Corgi 1940's

Year: 2005

Corgi USA (a division of Corgi UK) released a large variety of Batmobiles in early 2000-2005. This is the 1940's version and is stamped BMBV2 and is a larger car.


Corgi 1960's

Year: 2005

This car is one of the smaller versions made by Corgi USA and is the 1960's car.



Year: 2005

This is the Silver Age 2 set. It is numbered 2895 out of 3000.


Corgi 1940s

Year: 2005

This is one of the Corgi USA collection. It's the 1940's Batmobile and is of the larger scale.


Corgi USAs

Year: 2006

These cars are all Corgi USA and are the 1940/1950 versions of the Batmobile along with the Catwoman car.


Raw Metal

Year: 2005

This is a raw metal casting and is Number 94/1000.


C and C set

Year: 2005

Classic and contemporary set 1367/2504.


Bronze Age

Year: 2006

The Bronze Age set 1807/5000.


Golden Age

Year: 2005

The Golden Age set 274/4000.


Modern Age

Year: 2006

The Modern Age set 90/2000.


Silver Age

Year: 2004

The Silver Age set 1037/3000.


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