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Batmobile Artwork

Batmobile Pog

Year: 1966

The smallest Batmobile in my collection is this Wilson's Dairy milk pog. There were 5 different pogs that I know of. This made of light cardboard.




Year: 1989

This is one of the 50th anniversary coins issued by Enviromint. It is part of a larger set showing various characters. It is stamped .999 fine silver. (1 oz)


DC Comics

Year: 1990

This is plate eleven (lithograph) that DC issued in a George Perez Portfolio. Plates 1-10 were of Batman and Teen Titans covers, Plates 11 and 12 were original art.



Year: Unknown

This placemat was purchased in a dollar store in 2006. It is undated and has no manufacturing label.


Bond King

Year: 1966

This Bond King bread wrapper is dated 1966. I do not know if this is original or a reproduction. I do not know more about this item.


DC Direct

Year: 2004

This 'blueprint' was issued with the DC Direct Batmobile sculpture of the 1940's Batmobile.



Year: 1984

This is a glow-in-the-dark Batman game spinner. I do not know what game it came with.


Buzzy Trusiani

Year: 1999

This light art Batmobile is a limited edition piece and is numbered 504.


Card Game

Year: 1966

These are a pair of Batmobiles from a card matching game released by Whitman in 1966.



Year: 1992

This is a McDonalds Batman Returns translite toy advertisment from McDonald's.



Year: 1989

Two of the 'stickers' from the Colorform Deluxe Batman comic art set.


Owners manual

Year: 2008

This is a hardcover lenticular cover Batmobile Owners Manual. It is written as if you had actually bought the car. It has 31 pages (some with popouts etc) and is made by DK books.


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